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Preventive Care

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol use can help improve your health. However, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is, what you inherit from your parents may predispose you to certain conditions. Doctors can detect a number of medical conditions in their early, treatable stages through screening tests and preventive care.

Preventive care can be loosely defined as all medical care that is designed to actively lower your risk of becoming ill. Vaccinations, screening tests, and lifestyle advice all fall into the category of preventive care. Different people have different needs, depending on age, gender, genetics, lifestyle choices and current state of health.

Some preventive care measures are appropriate for virtually everyone, such as flu shots, while other measures are geared toward a specific population, such as hepatitis C screenings for adults born between 1945 and 1965. Dr. Zislis will advise you which screenings and vaccinations you need.

Most screening procedures, tests, and vaccinations can be performed during your annual physical. Here are just a few of the preventive care services that Dr. Zislis provides:

  • Wellness exam

  • EKG and spirometry

  • Advice on proactive measures to ensure continued health

  • Cancer screening 

  • Standard vaccinations

  • Travel vaccinations  

Preventive care ensures that you are taking steps to protect yourself from potential illness and disease. At ModernMedical, Dr. Zislis will work with you to properly screen for various conditions, while offering the care you need to remain healthy. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—preventive care protects you in the long run. Call us today at (914) 984-5052 to learn how we can help you stay healthy throughout your life.

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