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Is concierge medicine right for you? 

Concierge medicine brings an entirely new dimension to the doctor-patient relationship. A concierge doctor becomes your source for all things medical—becoming a trusted friend, advocate and guide to help you navigate through the complex, frustrating and potentially harmful gaps in today’s healthcare system. Concierge medicine empowers healthy, vital people to take charge of their wellness and improves the outcomes of patients who are less well or suffer from chronic illness. 


At ModernMedical you are supported by a medical team committed to the highest standards of ethics and service—coordinating your care among all of the specialists you may need and offering unbiased advice with full transparency. 


Concierge medicine is based on a membership model that works outside of your health insurance plan. Patients pay a monthly or annual fee to receive a level and quality of service not offered in most primary care offices, including 24/7 access to a physician, same-day or next-day appointments and the ability to have unrushed, lengthy office visits if necessary. 


At ModernMedical we become the “quarterbacks” of your medical team. You get the access to the specialists you need to receive the best care, and it is all coordinated through one physician. By limiting the number of patients we accept, we can concentrate fully on providing you with the ideal combination of advanced technology and personalized service. 


Wherever you are on your journey, once you see all the benefits that concierge medicine can bring to your health and well-being, we think you’ll see that it may be right for you. 

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