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About ModernMedical Concierge

ModernMedical is a patient-centric concierge medical practice that can best be described as traditional meets innovative. We have refined and enhanced the concept of concierge medicine to incorporate the latest advancements in healthcare, coupled with customized treatments that promote and maintain wellness.


We offer a wide variety of services including house calls, prescription maintenance, preventative care and referrals to specialists specifically trained for your needs. We are dedicated to providing continuous, high-quality medical care that treats you, the patient, rather than just your symptoms.


Most practices start the doctor-patient relationship with an examination. At ModernMedical, we start with a conversation—talking about your life, including family history, career, stress factors, and any other aspects that may be contributing to or detracting from your wellness. Our team can also help you establish concrete goals and strategies designed to help you enjoy a better quality of health. We form a wellness partnership that extends beyond the traditional doctor-patient relationship, advocating for the best healthcare choices throughout every phase of your life.

Our goal is to provide you with the exceptional service, undivided attention and strong care coordination that are lacking in today’s primary care practices. We focus on preventative care to help you enjoy a healthy life, but if the need arises, we are here to cut through the red tape that is so often a barrier to meeting your healthcare needs. 

The entire team at ModernMedical is dedicated to changing the doctor-patient relationship at each stage of your life whether you have a minor illness, a chronic condition or just want to live the healthiest life you can. We eliminate long wait times and give you the one-on-one support you should expect from a cutting-edge class of healthcare.


We never forget that you and your health are our highest priorities. As a result, we are free to focus on your unique requirements, researching medical issues, coordinating with other providers and helping you freely decide between various types of procedures and treatments based on our deep understanding of your overall health. Although we do not accept any form of health insurance we can provide a bill which patients can submit for reimbursement. We urge all patients to check with their insurance company regarding out-of-network reimbursement.

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